Justin Selfridge has BS and MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Virginia and Old Dominion University, and recently defended his PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Virginia. 

His doctoral research focused on a novel aerial concept vehicle, called the Tethered Uni-Rotor Network (TURN), which shows promise for attaining eternal flight.  The dissertation addressed the design, modeling, control, and simulation for the system, which incorporated the nonlinear multibody dynamics, and employed a model reference adaptive control (MRAC) architecture to mitigate modeling uncertainty.

Justin Selfridge presently works as an independent contractor for NASA Langley.  A majority of his six year tenure has been developing NASA’s GL-10 UAV, which is a ten rotor, tilt-wing/tail, transformational flight vehicle.  The system has VTOL capabilities with reduced noise characteristics, and then transitions into a forward-flight aircraft which achieves better flight endurance than traditional multirotor platforms.


Justin M. Selfridge, PhD